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Welcome to 2014

Ok, a goal I do have for 2014 (not a resolution) is to put more content on this blog. I advertise it on my card so it should have stuff for you to look at and read.
So let's start off this year with some artwork. Today's Chosen Piece will be a newer one...DeadPlush.
Obviously inspired by Deadpool. It was just a fun way to combine my own character (my signature bear who yet remains nameless) with a comic character I enjoy.
It's fun to do crossover designs. I feel that it's a way to be original and yet please the existing comic book fans who like to buy fan art prints. This little number will continue to be available at future conventions or by mail until it sells out. If you're interested in purchasing one of these pieces as an 11x17 print, don't hesitate to contact me. $10 for the print and $2 bucks will ship it anywhere in the US.

Until the next time.