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A Blast From the Past

I was digging up some old stuff that I had packed away in bags and old folders. I found some interesting stuff from my past. I guess this could be a glimpse into some of the darker times of my life. I'm sure we all go through it at one point or another. I'm just glad that this was the way I expressed myself.
Looking at them now makes me feel relieved and glad that my life has changed at one level or another.
But anyways, this was a true blast from the past. Enjoy!



Black & White Illustrations

Attack Of The Killer Teddy Bears

Klose The Deal

Sirenas (Mermaids)

Twin Dragons



Surf's Up Dude!




Dragon-Tiger Fury

Angel & Teddy

The End

The Bavarian Hammer

Alice in Bear-land

Psycho Bitch

Pizza Eating Zombies

Chester's Garage

These are Illustrations I have done over the past few years. A lot of them are done the same way, light graphite sketch followed my a heavier more detailed graphite outline, finally inked with either Sharpie or Micron markers of different sized tips.
Hope you enjoy these and the many more future projects to come.