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This is the cover for an upcoming web-comic called "Tales of Hammerfist". It will be published on a web-comic site that is planned to launch by the end of 2012. I am currently awaiting our PREVIEW issues that are intended for early viewing to those who wish to support this project. Once available, they will be on sale for $3.00 each. Any profits from this will be invested into the web-comics site and future projects. So what is HammerFist all about, you ask? I originally put this character in a Bar Scene Drawing that I did for my father-in law. It was a gift for one of his Rocktoberfest drinking parties. I liked the look of the character and created another drawing of him in action.
I forwarded this image to my friend John Kratky and asked him if he had any cool ideas for a comic concept. So he started writing a short story, which is the story featured in our PREVIEW issue. Basically, this character has free range to be whatever he wants to be. Adventurer, Action Hero, Warrior, Beer Drinker, Blacksmith, Lover, etc... We will throw him into all sorts of situations in a wide open Alternate World or Dimension. As I told one of my co-workers at my old job when he asked me what this character was all about, "HE KICKS ASS" in an Arnold accent. Stay tuned on updates. ART by Tobias Gebhardt, WORDS by John Kratky and DIGITAL COLOR by Stephen Yan