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The Next Step

...Convention season is over for me right now and the waiting game begins. Our planned move to Washington state has been put on a slight delay. Until that becomes a certainty I can't plan any events at this point in time. 

On the upside, I will have time to redirect my energy towards my own personal project, now referred to as the Tobias Bear Project. Developments on that project will be posted up on my newly created Patreon page, so if you would like to be part of my support system you can visit

I will also be starting back on our online comic Tales Of Hammerfist which has been on hiatus since about January. For those of you that have only met me recently you can catch up on those pages at and  also be sure to check out our other projects at

By buddy John and I have been working on those projects for several years. But life has been getting in the way of really putting a 100% of effort into it. We will both be going through some big moves and life changes over the next few months. John still has one weekly updated comic up on the site, so please go and support him on that at But by year's end, everything on that site should be back in full gear. 

I also have a lot of other ideas and concepts in my head that I will slowly start putting on paper. As a matter of fact, today I will run out and get a new notebook dedicated to ideas and goals. I need to start learning how to plan and set short term and long term goals. I've never been much for writing, much less handwriting. But I'm hoping even that will come with benefits. But this year I will not just be an artist, I will also become a fully fledged entrepreneur. I have to come out of this shell of mine. I'm too quiet, too shy and not very outspoken. I think that is the big problem that turns most artists into starving artists. And I don't want to be that anymore. And only a solid plan in black and white will get me there. 

I am now in my second...or going on third year of pursuing my art full time (for the most part aside from taking care of my daughter). I am giving myself the standard 5 years to make significant progress. Or at least make it a means for surviving and paying bills without having to go get another 9-5 blue collar JOB! (aka, Just Over Broke) If I'm gonna be just over broke, I'd at least like to be happy doing what I'm doing. But the sky is the limit. 

So far this year I have set all my plans in motion and accomplished a lot of what I wanted. But I need to keep climbing. A call for a 9-5 is approaching and soon inevitable due to life changes and our situation. And it may become a necessary evil I will have to battle for a while. But I am making it a point for it to only be temporary. But big plans and changes are on the horizon. I appreciate everyone's support so far. I have gained a lot of loyal followers and friends since I started putting these plans in motion and attending cons. And I will appreciate your continued support. 
Thank you all for sticking by me. Your comments and "likes" have helped me overcome times of depression and artist's block. You make me want to improve every day and you make me want to push the limits. So Thank you All. 

And a huge thanks to my wife for putting up with me during good days and bad days. She supports me no matter what. And my daughter for continuing to inspire me every day. I feel like my imagination over the last couple of years has sparked tremendously because of her. I don't know if it's because of watching so much Disney Jr. But in any case, a lot of what I do and plan on doing is for her. To make her proud and to give her a good life. 

If you're still here reading my rant, thanks. But that's what blogs are for, right?