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Upcoming Print Lineup for future events.



We're halfway through the year. Boy, what a journey 2015 has been so far. If you track back to previous posts you'll see what I mean. Things were looking down for a while, but the family and I held our heads up high. Now we embark into the second half of the year. Our plans didn't go quite as planned. I was suppose to be sitting on my porch in Washington state right about now growing out my woodsman beard, learning how to use a shotgun, hunt my own food, etc...But gonna have to put that off for a while. This here month of July should bring a whole lot of news. I'm gonna be optimistic and say that our dream of moving to Washington may not yet be 100% dead.
Anyway, If I haven't mentioned it in a previous posts, due to recent changes of plans, I am now signed up for a good 4 upcoming events. So it's safe to say that I personally will be sticking around here til about October one way or another. So you'll see me at upcoming shows like:
Central Coast Comic Con in Ventura, CA
FandomVerse Expo in Lancaster, CA
Long Beach Comic Con in Long Beach, CA
Comikaze in Down Town LA, CA

Possibly 626 Night Markets in Pasadena, CA
And don't forget to come see me this coming Saturday, July 11th at Earth 2 Comics in Sherman Oaks, CA for NonCon, that is if you won't be making it to SDCC this year.

Also, stay tuned for a lot of new prints coming out in upcoming months.
I know I said I was gonna try and stay away from doing so much fan art. But it's hard to stop, especially when it pays some bills and pretty much helps finance all my Convention trips.
But I do promise that my own material is coming.

I'm also excited to announce that I officially have a banner. So I'm really stoked to put that up on display at coming shows and get rid of my obnoxious wire cubes that I appear to hide behind. The banner features the Harley Puppeteer as depicted on the image.

Anyways, here I conclude this post. Have a great day. Hope to see you at upcoming shows.