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Facebook No More!

It's official. My Facebook page is deleted. Although my account may take up to 14 days to completely vanish, I will no longer post activity on it. The decision to do so wasn't easy. I had to weigh out a lot of pros and cons. Pros being that it was the only way to keep in touch with certain people and friends that I otherwise wouldn't speak to. All the fun movie and comic discussions. Seeing what some of my friends are up to, like watching their kids grow, watching them travel. Some people posted inspirational stuff like cool artwork, cool cars, body transformations, positive lifestyle changes, etc...
The Con list may not be as large. But the few issues on the con list outweigh the good. Too much sharing of tragedy. Too many issues being shared that can truly ruin one's day. Too much political propaganda. Trump this, Trump that.....Hillary this, Hillary that......And the Racism and Sexism.....The list just goes on. I feel like Social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter, is giving a voice to everyone. Including those who'd be better off with their mouths shut. You can really see the evil and darkness come out of people. It's just a world I don't care to see. As a father, it's heartbreaking to see the world my little girl will be growing up in. 
Plus, my time spent on social media, in particular facebook, can be put to better use creating content and art. So if you want to stay up to date with my activities, please visit here frequently as well as my instagram 

Take Care.