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Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 25th I'll be at Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City for their Halloween Event. 
There will be special guests and signings and people like me will be exhibiting at their Artist Alley. 
I'll have prints and will be doing commissions and perhaps a limited amount of Bonus Free Sketches. 

Friday October 31st through Sunday November 2 I'll be in Artist Alley at Comikaze in the LA Convention Center.  With me will be +John Kratky, writer of our current online comic Tales of Hammerfist. John also writes two additional stories that can be found at called Ham-Fisted Tales and The Black Wall. 
I will also be doing random free sketches that I will hashtag on instagram as I complete them. These will be FREE on a first come, first serve bases. 

November 8 & 9 I will be at Designer Con at the Pasadena Convention Center. I will be sharing a booth with Franco and Francis Te from Tee No Evil. 
I will be displaying and promoting mostly my own original work and hope to have some new prints. 

I think these will be my final events and Cons for 2014. But lots of stuff coming up next year. Stay tuned. 

Facebook to Blog Transition

I still don't know if the rumors are true. But supposedly Facebook will be charging users a fee starting in November. I have posted about this on my Facebook page before. And if these rumors are true I will not longer be part of that network. So I will start making an effort to only post updates here on my blog and link it to facebook for as long as it remains free. Not that many people will see my posts anyways now that facebook is limiting the views. But for those who do, please subscribe to my blog if you'd like to continue following my artwork and updates. Or be sure to follow me on instagram @artbytobias and twitter at Art_By_Tobias.

Thanks You



Some of you already know that I've been doing some Label designs for SKULLE. SKULLE is a company that manufactures personal hygiene products such as soaps, shower gels and shaving cream. The products are geared towards athletes, law enforcement and military personnel, gamers, etc...I've been posting a lot of the labels I've made for them here on FB and on IG. But to get a better understanding of the company and my involvement with the artwork, check out the link below as Curt Fox (owner of SKULLE) puts me in the spotlight. They are a growing company and I encourage you to also check out their website at I personally have not yet purchased any products, mostly cause I'm investing most of my money elsewhere. And usually by the time I'm ready to order the the product I want, they're already Sold Out of it. But I will at some point be trying this stuff out myself. But again, check out the video. Just a nice little rant about how cool I am, puahahahah JK.