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New Piece and stuff...

Hey everyone!
I honestly don't maintain my blog very well or often enough. I always get caught up with updating facebook and instagram. I will try to make an effort and update this blog at least twice a week from now on by posting new work, WIP's and sketches. I'm also making it a point to update my upcoming events which are listed over to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I'm also doing research on how to open a decent store or ways to sell my work online as I have been asked a few times if I sell stuff online or how people can get a hold of some of the pieces they see posted on instagram and facebook. So stay tuned.

The image above was submitted to a fun little group art showing at Rose City Pizza which will be held this coming Saturday, August 16th in Rosemead form 7-10pm. Pizza, beer and art....good stuff. I will also have 9 limited prints with me sized 11x17 that I will be selling at the event for $10 each or $5 if you buy me a beer or a slice of pizza :)

Alright. That's it for right now.
Hope to keep this going.