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Ok, once again I have abandoned this blog for way too long, probably since the new year. Why? I dunno, probably cause nobody really gets off instagram and facebook anymore, LOL. Yeah, yeah, I know, always blaming the other guy. 
Anyways, So a bunch of stuff happened since the new year. We had to move out of our Apartment because of a new neighbor with a bad chain smoking habit. Started making our daughter sick. Started making my wife sick and myself included. And since we are more than likely moving to Washington state in June, there was no point in signing another lease anywhere else. So we tossed all our stuff in storage and moved in with the in-laws while we await our next big and hopefully final move. 
But none of that has stopped the art. I still pulled off Long Beach Comic Expo with great success and am now gearing up for Wonder Con next week in Anaheim. 

At Long Beach Comic Expo, a buddy by the name Sammy The Bull (on instagram @sammybull1) introduced me to the famous cosplayer Hip Hop Trooper. I had done plenty of custom art work for the Bull and the idea of making a Hip Hop Trooper Print came about. 
So to kick off Wonder Con, I am now taking Pre-Orders for it. $10 and you get ONE of two Companion Prints for FREE. For more details visit my instagram, where I have been promoting the crap out of it. Or email me at 
This print is limited to 35 Copies, three of which have been claimed as of today. Print will be $12 at WonderCon and each companion is $5 a piece. 
Also added to my inventory are these two new prints below. Both are sketches I did at Phat Con at Dave & Buster's Back in January. I tricked them out a bit and will be selling them as 5.5x8.5 Prints for $5 each. These will also be eligible for FREEBIES if you Pre-Order the above Hip Hop Trooper Print. That's in case you don't care for Darth Vader or DJ Wookie. 

I'm also brining back some old Classics in new sizes. These three prints started it all for me. Although no longer in large 11x17 format, they will now be available in 5.5x8.5 sizes. And will also be eligible for a FREEBIE if you Pre-Order the above....above Hip Hop Trooper Print.

Moving on, remember my BEAR?!!! Yes, he's being made into a collectible figurine. Courtesy of the awesome 3D modeling skills of Adler Romero (aka @eagle_3d on instagram) of Eye 5 Toys. 
Behold and gaze at the glory that is the 3D prototype of the BEAR. 

The Prototype should be available for viewing at my Wonder Con table. So if you're going, please stop by and say what's up. Artist Alley Table B-22, April 3-5 at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

And....if nobody read this, well then this was just a huge waste of time, haha.