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Some more Anime Expo Work!

These are some manga trading cards I was working on during the Anime Expo using the Shinhan touch markers.


Anime Expo 2011....a great time!!!!

So Anime Expo ended today. I had a great time out there representing Shinhan's Touch Markers. If you were there and tried them out, thank you for stopping by. And thank you for grabbing my card and checking out my blog.
I hope you return here frequently to see what I'm up to. I have a few comic ideas in the works as well as a T-shirt company featuring those crazy bears I draw all the time. If you saw them, then you know what I'm talking about.

Here are some pictures to remember these last 4 days.


Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center

Look for me, I will be handing out original artwork on Manga Trading Cards and I will be demoing some exciting new markers from Korea named Touch Markers.


New Sketchbook Entries

These are some of my latest sketchbook entries. Stuff I have been doodling in class or at random points when I feel inspired. Where are these ideas leading? I still do not know.