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Successful Holidays

Here are some of the Caricatures I got to do over the past month.


Prisma Colors

I busted out my Prisma colors again for old time sake. Wanted to take a brief break from Digital coloring cause it was making my eyes water. Enjoy!


Tip-Z Truffles

This is a logo I designed for my Mother's Truffle business that she is starting up. If interested in purchasing some of these delicious Truffles, please visit her blog at or email her at


Under The Radar

I Know I do not have very many followers on my blog yet. I have always failed to properly advertise myself because I consistently get distracted by life.
However, I would like to apologize for my recent lack of updates and artwork.
I am currently working on something that could turn out to be a bright future or a huge waste of time. Well, I wouldn't say a huge waste of time because I am learning new things. But I have been tied up this last month. And between that and taking care of my daughter full-time, who has started crawling at great speeds and is constantly on the move, I have not had much time to work on personal projects and what not.
But I am still around and hopefully I will be updating new stuff soon. And I will also let you know if this Project works out.



This is a freelance Illustration I did for a Cancer Group geared towards Bikers and such. More info on the organization is soon to come. But this will be made into a patch and put on the back of a biker vest. Also attached is the final project all patched on the vest.


New Design Awaiting Approval

This is my new submission to Enkryptt Grip Tapes. I may have them release both versions as I can't decide which l like better.


New Art, Projects in the Works and Ideas

Just some new stuff I've been mixing up. "Chocolate" is a potential submission to Enkryptt Grip Tapes. I have a new cool concept for a more elaborate logo for "Art By Tobias" and a few sketches and works in progress. Enjoy!


Moving forward

I have been working on more and more pages for Hammerfist. At this rate we hope to have our website up and running by October. So keep an eye out.


Brushing up on my Comic Book Art

So here is a piece I've been working on in between Hammerfist. Still Need to color in the background which I'm sure will take a while. But this depicts a battle I'm still wanting to see. Maybe Marvel and/or DC will hire me to do it...LOL...Yeah right!!!!


It's official. I am now featured at, a new Skateboard Grip Tape Company that sells custom Grip Tapes for anyone's taste. Check out my work and that of many others.

A couple more Grip Tape Designs that I will be submitting soon.


Skateboard Grip Tape Design

This is a Skateboard Grip Tape design I submitted to a New Grip Tape Company. If chosen it will be up for sale at their site and if it sells, I make some $$$!!! 


I am the King

A drawing I did at Drink & Draw @ Casey's Irish Pub in Down Town LA. This features myself as the king of my own world surrounded by my creations.


Father & Artist

This is a topic I've been wanting to blog about for a little while now. As some of you may know, I became a father to a beautiful little girl last December. I am now a stay-at-home-dad since February. Since I've been home, I have been struggling with balancing my Art and my Baby. Everything has to be timed. I have to hope that my drive and inspiration is in tact when she goes for a nap. It is something I have slowly been mastering over time. I get most of my work done in the evenings once she goes to sleep. But by doing that, I also cut my sleep time short. So I'm down to an average of 5 hours of sleep, 7 on a good night. On top of all that, I'm trying to whip myself back in shape by eating well and exercising. But overall, I've never felt better. Having this little girl in my life changed my whole perspective on everything. Everyday starts with a smile from her and it's "Go Time". It seems that now I make the best of everyday. Unlike before, I would sit on the couch on my days off wasting away in front of my Video Games and movies. I never appreciated the free time that I had. And now that I'm busy as hell, it seems as if I'm getting everything done that I have been trying to get done for years. So I have to thank my little Girl and my Amazing Wife for this new gift. The gift of being a Father and an Artist. Thank You!


Order Tales Of Hammerfist: Preview Edition

Alright guys. I have officially received my preview copy of "Tales Of HammerFist". I made some changes to the order process. Since Paypal charges too much for their transactions, it is best to purchase the comic straight from Indy Planet. See the link to the right of this post, it will take you straight to the "Buy Now" page. I will continue to order a few copies, so if anyone wants to meet up and pay cash without shipping, that is still an option. Just let me know when and where. So on behalf of John, Stephen and myself, we would like to thank you for your contributions and supporting our new business venture.


Hammerfist Crew


HammerFist...Coming Soon

This is the cover for an upcoming web-comic called "Tales of Hammerfist". It will be published on a web-comic site that is planned to launch by the end of 2012. I am currently awaiting our PREVIEW issues that are intended for early viewing to those who wish to support this project. Once available, they will be on sale for $3.00 each. Any profits from this will be invested into the web-comics site and future projects. So what is HammerFist all about, you ask? I originally put this character in a Bar Scene Drawing that I did for my father-in law. It was a gift for one of his Rocktoberfest drinking parties. I liked the look of the character and created another drawing of him in action.
I forwarded this image to my friend John Kratky and asked him if he had any cool ideas for a comic concept. So he started writing a short story, which is the story featured in our PREVIEW issue. Basically, this character has free range to be whatever he wants to be. Adventurer, Action Hero, Warrior, Beer Drinker, Blacksmith, Lover, etc... We will throw him into all sorts of situations in a wide open Alternate World or Dimension. As I told one of my co-workers at my old job when he asked me what this character was all about, "HE KICKS ASS" in an Arnold accent. Stay tuned on updates. ART by Tobias Gebhardt, WORDS by John Kratky and DIGITAL COLOR by Stephen Yan