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Some of you already know that I've been doing some Label designs for SKULLE. SKULLE is a company that manufactures personal hygiene products such as soaps, shower gels and shaving cream. The products are geared towards athletes, law enforcement and military personnel, gamers, etc...I've been posting a lot of the labels I've made for them here on FB and on IG. But to get a better understanding of the company and my involvement with the artwork, check out the link below as Curt Fox (owner of SKULLE) puts me in the spotlight. They are a growing company and I encourage you to also check out their website at I personally have not yet purchased any products, mostly cause I'm investing most of my money elsewhere. And usually by the time I'm ready to order the the product I want, they're already Sold Out of it. But I will at some point be trying this stuff out myself. But again, check out the video. Just a nice little rant about how cool I am, puahahahah JK. 

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