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Two years ago today I witnessed the most amazing event of my life. The birth of my daughter Alice.
Although I am trying here, I honestly don't think the feeling can be translated into words.

Before 12.11.11 I never really pictured myself as a father. Most people that have known me will tell you that I was always the guy to say that I would never get married and never have kids. I never felt responsible enough, financially or mentally, to father a child or support a family. Even up to the day that my wife was in the Hospital going into labor, it just didn't feel real.

But at that very moment when Alice came to light and took her first breath and cried for the first time, it was an instant switch. It felt like someone took your brain, your mind and soul and just turned them all around. There was no more question or doubt. Becoming a father is probably the surest I've felt about anything in my life ever. All the fears went away.

Having watched her grow in front of my eyes for the past 2 years has been such an amazing experience. She has given me so much purpose and so much perspective in life. I think she has been that missing piece in my mind and life to give me the drive to work towards something.

I want to thank my wife Cassidy for this amazing gift. If she hadn't come into my life, I'd probably still be that guy who didn't believe in marriage or having kids.

Thank You Cassidy & Happy Birthday little Alice.

Love you Guys.

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