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New Artwork!!!

 Releasing three new pieces for upcoming events. From here forward, most prints will be Comic Book size prints (6.75x10.25). I like this size because it's not too large and not too small. It will look great hanging on a wall with a custom frame or in a collectors comic book short or long box.
I'm starting a "females of horror" series for a possible Halloween show in October dedicated to that theme. I hope to have plenty of these done by then for a nice collection and possibly even a small book. Both Wednesday and The Bride will be available as early as 626 Night Market Art Walk this coming weekend August 5th-7th. For info to that event please visit their site or see my previous post.

 The Deadpool Design was a request from my wife. Took me a while to get around to it, but it got done and seems to have lots of support on instagram. This will also be available starting this weekend in Comic Book size.
Deadpool Love
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