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New Harley Quinn

Just wanted to show a bit of the process I go through with building up a sketch from pencil, to ink, to color. This was done digitally in Procreate on the iPad.
Step one: I start with a layer of red pencil to get down the overall shape and look of the figure.
Step two: I typically lower the opacity of the first layer and create a new layer to go over with a cleaner pass of regular dark pencil to work out some more details. 
Step three: I lower the opacity of the second pencil layer and create a new layer for inks. Being digital I lose the fear of making mistakes, so I can make as many strokes as I want to get it just the way I like. 
Step four: I added the netting of the stockings on a separate ink layer just to make sure it looked good. If I didn't like it, I would've just deleted that layer instead of taking too much time erasing it. 
Step five: I create a new layer in between the inks and the pencils to start color. That way I'm covering up the pencils in the process. 
And Step six: This layer goes on top of the inks, I usually use this layer for any kind of highlights or eye shine, anything that has bling that I don't want covered up by the inks. In this case, I just put some shine on the eyes. 
This image is not yet finished. I may still goof around with it some more, not quite up to print material yet. But worst case, she'll end up in my sketchbook to be released some time in September. 
Hope this was helpful to anyone. If so, give it a like, post questions in the comments. If I get enough interest, I may do a few more of these progress posts. 
P.S. If you notice on the right sidebar, I have now started listing all my upcoming events. 

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