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Full Time Artist : Ep.4 Dear America

This Episode will not be all too much art related. But just something to get off my chest. It is sort of a Letter to all of us. A letter to America, and it goes a little something like this....

Dear America, 

I have been obsessed with you since I was a child growing up in Germany. I loved your Saturday morning cartoons and comics, which are big reasons for who I am and what I do today. I used to listen to American music although I didn't understand the lyrics. Yes, back then I listened to David Hasselhoff's music, watched Knight Rider and Baywatch, he was all the rage. Let's not forget about Star Wars. Had to have the toys and watched the movies hours on end. Pretty much everything I did except for Soccer and speak english was American at heart. Yes, I supported the Troops back during the Gulf War (fuck, I'm old). And I never once imagined that one day I would actually end up in you (yeah, I just wrote that). 

Now, you have been my home for nearly 21 years, more than half my life. I moved into you in 1995, the beginning of my high school years. Clinton was President (yes, Bill), who in my opinion was the man. The economy was amazing. America was great. Not only did I move to America, but I moved to LA. I was close to every major studio that produced the awesomeness that I call my childhood. I used to prank call WB and Disney to give me a job (hehe, yes that was me). I ended up visiting the Disney Animation studio during Career Class in High School. But I don't work there, so you could guess what happened. 

In America I watched the internet flourish and watched the iPhone be born and.....flourish. I found my creative calling. I made many great friends. And most importantly, I built or am building my family here. America, my home, my family, my life. 

After 9/11 I have witnessed this great country slowly crumble. Now, I am not writing the following as a government or political expert, I'm far from it. Politics and Government have become so complex and confusing, I'm not even sure politicians know what the hell they're doing anymore. I'm writing this as a human being with some common sense and basic life knowledge. 

This country is crumbling and the great vision and admiration I had of this country as a child growing up across the ocean is crumbling with it. I've already witnessed one complete idiot take power in this country. Followed by a guy who I think had the right idea at the wrong time. I have no beef with Obama, he was dealt a dirty hand when he took office. He was left with a huge mess. I don't think any other candidate could've done much better, maybe worst. I dunno, has he made mistakes? Sure, who hasn't? No matter who the people vote for, four years later they're not happy, yet they vote for the same person again. Who's the real idiot here? Voters? yes, that's the right answer. It is us, America, that put these people in charge. And it is us, America, who then sit on our couch and get pissed when we watch the News. Then we do what? We go on the internet and troll around, we complain (like I'm doing right now, but this doesn't count cause this is a heartfelt letter and I don't vote) and then four years later we put another asshole in power. So how many times does this lesson need to be learned? I dunno, I don't think there is a cure for Stupid. When you do find the answer, let me know. 

So this brings me to the NOW. I personally don't know many of the Candidates. I know Trump and I know Clinton (yes, Hillary), which at this point seem to be the only ones we need to know cause they're leaving all the other ones in the dust. Personally, I don't like one or the other. So it appears to be a choice of the lesser of two evils. I personally don't vote. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm still not naturalized. I'm still what people would call an Alien or immigrant (legal that is). And according to Trump I may end up getting microchipped or some shit. At his point, even if I could vote, I don't think that I would. And If I did, I would vote for Hillary just to not give a vote to Trump.
To finalize this. I'm not writing this to tell anyone what to do. People will be people and we all have free will (for now) and our own opinions. But come on, has America really dropped so low that a person like Donald Trump is actually in the top two for President? Donald Trump guys. Now, I'm not even gonna bash Trump. Good for him and his own personal goals in life to get this far. We should all aspire to greatness. And that is the foundation of this great country. The land of opportunity. But he isn't just taking charge of a Company. He's gonna take charge of this country, not as a president, but as a business man. And he will run it like a business and we're all gonna be employees. 

Anyways. I needed to get this off my chest and mind so that my creativity can kick back in. It won't make a difference, I know. Had I not turned on the News this morning I probably wouldn't even be writing this. Maybe this country hasn't changed, maybe I have. Just wish I could look at America the way I did as a child from a distance. 
Hope I didn't offend anyone. 

P.S. I did end up meeting David Hasselhoff when I worked at Starbucks and again at another job I had where he gave me a completely unsolicited autographed picture, lol. 

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