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Full Time Artist : Ep.5 Tee Public and Horror Dolls

Welcome back!
Today I want to spread the word of my work on TeePublic found here

 For those who don't know what TeePublic is. It's a Graphic T-Shirt print-on-demand site sort of like TeeFury, Threadless and TeeVillain. Except my shirt designs don't stay on there for only 24-48 hour or a week. They stay on there for as long as I'd like to sell them. The cool thing is, for the initial few days the shirts are only $14 plus shipping and then they go up to $20, occasionally dropping back down to $14 from time to time. So it's a matter of going back and checking the prices or subscribe to their email list. I personally do my best to update people on sales through my social media outlets, mainly instagram and facebook. I have ordered a few of the shirts myself and I can vouch that they are good quality for a print-on-demand service.
I started offering my art on apparel through TeePublic because at this point it's easy and your shirt is guaranteed to be on there. Unlike TeeFury or similar sites where the design has to be voted on or selected to be available. Plus, they deal with printing, packing, shipping and returns. Basically all the business aspects that I don't have time nor finances for. The only downside is that my designs aren't publicly advertised on their site due to overwhelming submissions. So I'm on my own in that department. This is why I'm always asking you guys to help spread the word. And I'm very thankful to those of you who do so. Please continue.... 

Along with TeePublic came the creation of my new Horror Dolls (best generic name I could come up with at this point), like it? The initial reason for me to draw these was to find a cool, original way to promote my crazy Teddy Bear at an upcoming Horror convention called Days Of the Dead, which will take place in Burbank the first weekend of April. The idea was to do Pin Ups with my Bear. But regular Pin Ups are just too......regular. So I wanted to bring a creepy factor into it to fit the theme. Thus, the Horror Doll was born. Now I plan on doing a whole series that will be available on both shirts and prints. Plug in feedback in comments below......

And to conclude today's Episode, a public announcement....
I will be in Granada Hills this coming Sunday the 13th for San Fernando Valley Comic Con. Held at 11128 Balboa Blvd, in Granada Hills. So if you're in the neighborhood, swing by.
For info check their facebook page at this link:

Thank you for stopping by. 

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