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Full Time Artist: Ep.6 YouTube and Stuff...

This isn't news news, but I'm now officially on YouTube, I'm just a week late on blogging about it. 
Most of the stuff on the Tube will be progress videos of me sketching. I still haven't decided if I want to personally jump on air. Not unless I develop some sort of presentable on camera personality. I may however film some action from Conventions and events. I may also do little voice-overs of me explaining the process of some of my pieces. I will inform you more on YouTube once I have more videos going and I figure out editing and all that stuff some more. But for now you can go to to enjoy the first couple of videos I've put up. 

In other news, I've decided to take down my Storenvy Store. With the growing rumors of the big companies going after bootlegger and copyright violator and also a story about a guy who's store actually got shut down by WB/DC, I just don't wanna risk the bad rep. Right or Wrong, I will continue to do fan art on the down-low because I enjoy it so much and people want more. But the quantities for prints will be very small runs. Maybe 20 copies per print tops. And I will make an effort to carry more original content than fan art. Plus, I'm finally working on piecing my sketchbook together as well as a comic project on the side with Wannabe Press.
Maybe all this is just a sign of change and evolution. I personally wanna make a living off my own brand anyways.

Ok, I need to get back to prepping for Wonder Con which will take place this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I'll be set up at Table E30 in Artist Alley.
Hope to see you there.
Also, TeePublic is having a SALE for the next couple of days. 60 hours I believe. All Tees are $14 compared to $20. Link is on the sidebar to the right.

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